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Process Hacker 2.20

26 Aug 2011 09:51

Downloads: New and Improved:
  • * Added support for managed thread stacks on x64
    * Added column selection for handle list
    * Added CPU column to threads list
    * Improved module detection
    * Added Ideal Processor to Threads tab
    * Added pool usage and minimum/maximum working set columns
    * Implemented Properties button for Thread handles
    * Set descending sort as the default for most numeric columns
    * Extended header context menu
    * Removed tooltip text truncation
    * Improved cycle-based CPU usage calculation
    * Set default KProcessHacker security level to only allow connections when Process Hacker is running as administrator. See README.txt for instructions on how to restore the old behavior.
    * Added Updater plugin
    * Updated DotNetTools plugin:
    - Added managed symbol resolution for thread stacks
    * Updated ExtendedTools plugin:
    - Added Disk tab
    - Added Hard Faults, Hard Faults Delta and Peak Threads columns to process tree list
    - Added Firewall Status column
  • * Fixed file name resolution bug
    * Save settings on shutdown/logoff
    * Fixed state highlighting bug
    * Fixed command line propagation for -elevate
    * Fixed tree list mouse wheel handling
    * Fixed saving network list
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