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Process Hacker 2.29

17 Dec 2012 07:59

Downloads: New and Improved:
  • * Added App ID column for processes
    * Added new ASLR information for Windows 8
    * Added Restart to Boot Options and Hybrid Shutdown menu items for Windows 8
    * Added ability to specify processes by their names and inject and unload DLLs in command line
    * Removed 512 character limit when copying text
    * Moved Terminator to Miscellaneous menu
    * Updated default dbghelp.dll path for Windows SDK v8
    * Updated ExtendedServices plugin:
    - Added new triggers for Windows 8
    - Fixed bug when restarting services
    * Updated ExtendedTools plugin:
    - Improved support for multiple GPUs (again)
    - GPU column now respects "Include CPU usage of children" option
    * Updated ToolStatus plugin:
    - Fixed search box fonts
    - Fixed controls not being properly hidden/removed from the window when disabled
    * Updated WindowExplorer plugin:
    - Fixed window list not displaying Modern UI windows
  • * Fixed Load Count column sorting bug
    * Fixed signature verification on Windows 8
    * Fixed task scheduler information on Windows 8
    * Fixed drag bug in tree list
    * Fixed KProcessHacker bug affecting TmTx objects
    * Fixed Run As feature on Windows 8
    * Fixed bug where -settings parameter is not propagated
    * Fixed tab key behavior on main window
    * Fixed recognition of Modern UI windows