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Something keeps shutting PH & others down

15 Oct 2019 09:27

A few days ago, I installed some software and it would appear that it has some malware or something of sorts.

I have been using PH for ages. It runs on boot up, and just "runs". Until a few days ago. Something is shutting it down.

Another odd thing is within about 20 minutes, the fan on the cpu ramps up. As soon as I fire up PH there is a couple second lag and then the fan ramps down and by the time PH is running I cannot find a high use process.

So, I started to use taskmgr.exe and it also gets shut down. And I loaded several other cpu monitoring programs and they all get terminated.

Obviously I don't think PH is the issue here, but I figured this was noteworthy as some rouge scuzware maybe out there and is somehow shutting down cpu monitoring programs.

I've scanned the crap out of this machine and it's showing clean now, but I still cannot have any CPU monitor software run without shutting down.

The fan ramp up still happens so to offset that, I installed a "keep alive" program to restart PH if it terminates and that keep the fan from ramping up.

The next thing I atttempted to do was find some software that could log CPU usage to a txt file and much to my frustration I cannot find a program that will:
log a process that uses a specified percentage of cpu to a .txt file
is not perfmon
and i'm sure some other details.

This boggles my mind as PH itself is fully aware of what is running, percentage of usage, path and process file name etc yet no ability to send that to a .txt file.

Any insight to this would be most appreciated.

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Re: Something keeps shutting PH & others down

30 Oct 2019 16:44

this behaviour is mostly used by some rootkits. And if antivirus cannot see it - it still doesn't mean it is not there.
try to boot from some USB flash or CD or dvd with test/scan tools. But prepare such media on another PC (as the rootkit can put himself onto rescue media also!) and check for viruses