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Fortnite says Process Hacker is running, but it's not

17 Nov 2019 18:26

It's nowhere in task manager, nor in services, nor in startup. I haven't used PH in forever.

Is Fortnite really expecting me to completely uninstall it?

Guess I'm not playing, then, cause sometimes Task manager can't close a program for whatever reason, so I need to bring up Process Hacker to force it closed, or sometimes I won't have access to a folder on my computer so I'll need to use Process Hacker to find out what program is accessing it and close it.

I love how I can keep Cheat Engine, a program literally designed to cheat in games, installed but not Process Hacker, a program designed to be little more than an alternate/better Task Manager.

Bye, Fortnite.
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Re: Fortnite says Process Hacker is running, but it's not

22 Dec 2019 11:43

You need to stop KProcessHacker3 service