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New UI for ProcessHacker Library

11 Jun 2019 17:19

In case there is someone interested in a new GUI for the process hacker library, here is one: ... tag/v0.0.7
The UI layout is inspired by the old tool TaskInfo which unfortunately seams abandoned since 2012 and it being closed source means its dead.

For me personally the UX of TaskInfo always was the best of the best, although growing up with something makes you think this way about many things ant it may not be true, its just the result of getting used to it.

But I think I can make a good case why the particular UX style is objectively good. It provides much larger graphs in the status bar, large enough to actually be useful, and they provide more information's than the regular process hacker toolbar graphs.
The process details can be seen in the main window in the right lower panel instead of having to open new windows for every process one may want to inspect. IMHO this is much more convenient as instead of having a window popping up in a random position the infos one wants to see are at a well known spot of the screen. It also puts information's that in PH are placed in yet an other pop up window into the panel. For example beneath the list of handles there are a few lines with additional information's about the selected handle. The thread stack is available beneath the thread list. And the new GUI provides interesting information much more accessible, for example in the handle list the file position is one of the columns such that one can sort by it and see what files a particular application is working on right now. Like in TaskInfo there is a own tab for each process providing a list of all sockets belonging to that process, instead of just a global list like in PH, but better than TaskInfo it provides also the data rates for each socket.

Now many things are not yet done, all the sub menus are missing and some tabs are still empty, but being a pre release and a work in progress that is imho Ok. The tool uses the original signed ProcessHacker driver so no need to enable test signing, etc....

The GUI is by far not as light weight as Process Hackers as it is using the Qt framework but its CPU usage is comparable with task info, at least as long as one does not enable way toooo many columns in the process tree.
Being written in Qt makes the UI part platform independent and I took care of implementing everything with abstract classes such that one if one would have the time to do so could easily swap the process hacker library back-end for something that would work on Linux or even Mac.
Although that would be a project for an other time....

Please tell me what you think about it the new tool TaskExplorer.

David X.
David Xanatos
Posts: 17
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Re: New UI for ProcessHacker Library

17 Jun 2019 07:22

A much more complete pre release, working sub menus, some panels are still missing but its a much more complete expirience overall, windoe position and columns are remembered between restarts, etc.... ... /tag/0.0.8
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Re: New UI for ProcessHacker Library

19 Aug 2019 19:32

Looks retro, I like it