PAE patch updated for Windows 7

Note: An updated version for Windows 7 SP1 is available.

This patch allows you to use more than 3/4GB of RAM on an x86 Windows system. Works on Vista and 7, has been tested on Windows Vista SP2 and Windows 7. Instructions and source code included.

Download: (145944 downloads)

71 thoughts on “PAE patch updated for Windows 7

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  2. Ofir


    Your patch worked great for me, running Windows 7 32bit on Alum MacBook Pro 15″ with boot camp.

    This is terrific, thanks!

    1. Azad

      Hi, Please can you give me a very easy step by step suggestion for PatchPae. I could not use it. It is confusing for me from the very beginning. Thanks in advance.

  3. DDS

    Using Windows 7 (x86) with 4GB RAM.

    This patch worked for me. Before patching, system showed 3315 MB (or something like that) of RAM. Now it shows all 4 GB.
    I’ve tested and yes, all 4GB can be utilized (I was able to use about 4000MB by running several VMWare VMs).

    I’m still worried about how this patch will affect system stability.

    1. wj32 Post author

      The only thing you have to worry about is Windows updates. When the kernel is updated, you’ll have to redo the patch on the new file to get the updated kernel.

    1. Chien

      Might be:

      PatchPae.exe -type loader winload.exe -o winloadp.exe

      Winload.exe is the existing file.
      Winloadp.exe is the modified file after patching.

    2. SpikeDonner

      I am having the same issue. PatchPae says that the patch failed. It makes a copy of winload.exe and names it winloadp.exe but does not patch the new copy. When I boot with winloadp.exe it still does verification and does not run the patched kernel.

  4. Jim A

    This is terrific!!! Thank you so much. I was just about switching my desktop to Linux. I have 6GB, but could only access 2.99GB. This came at the right time.

  5. Dwarakanath

    Everything worked as per the readme. But when restarted, windows wont load. There is a blank screen for about 20 seconds and then the system reboots. If I use the original windows configuration, the system boots. Can u tell me what is wrong?

    1. korray

      I have this same problem after trying to log on with the PAE Patch. Only thing I see just before the logon screen is a blank black screen. it works with no problems wit ht original configuration. any solutions to that????

  6. Dwarakanath

    Just found that the issue is caused because of the Intel HD Graphics driver. Once the drivers are uninstalled, it boots properly. But with out the driver the display is just too big (only 1024×768 resolution). Any tips to solve this problem?

  7. jba

    I can confirm that this does not work with my Intel HD graphics card as well (Mobile 965). System boots into Startup Repair when selecting the patched boot option.

  8. Dwarakanath

    Hi babuji, If you have installed this as per given instructions, it would have created two entries in the boot loader and you will have an option to choose loading windows normally during startup. Try logging in using safe mode and see if you can remove the entries for the patch in msconfig (you should find two entries in the boot tab).

    1. babuji

      Hi Dwarakanath,
      I followed the instructions exactly as described in the readme file. No failures. However my situation is the same as you desctied. The computer will not load with the patch but will load without it. Please help.

  9. Dwarakanath

    Dear Babuji, are you having two entries in the bootloader? while starting the system, are you see two options (one will be windows 7 and one will be windown 7 with PAE Patch). choose the windows 7 option and the system will start regularly. Then from msconfig delete the other entry.

  10. babuji

    Dear Dwarakanath,
    I am fine upto the above steps. I had two entries during startup. I used the windows 7 option and the computer started up. I deleted the option with the patch. Everything went ok. Now whenever I try to apply the patch by rigously following the instructions I get two options during startup whereas the computer does not startup with the patch option. Is ther any way to apply the patch and make the computer work?
    Regards, babuji

  11. Dwarakanath

    Hi Babuji, I am sorry, but there seems to be no way at this moment. Even I am searching for a way. The only way is to remove the graphic drivers, but that will mean a very low resolution for the system with standard VGA drivers.

  12. Dwarakanath

    Yeah its seems pretty safe to use. But did not get a chance to test it fully since it is not working under HD graphics for me.

  13. pegass

    I have the same problem. I tried several version of patches to enable more than 4gb ram. It worked untill installed Intel HD graphics driver. Patched kernel with HD driver = BSOD.
    Anyone have the solution?

  14. Joog

    I have the same startup repair problem but i’m working with a sapphire hd6870 and not with the intel thing. copied the readme file precisely but it won’t work. To bad, will continue looking for a way though. Thanks for the blog.

  15. bowl of ram

    doesn’t work on me also, maybe it’s a kernel side problem. i have a 6.1.7600.16695

    all command line worked however it give me a black screen on booting the patched kernel then goes the windows repair.

    have also tried UNAWAVE’s patch still no luck
    (note: UNAWAVE’s patched ICE kernel version is 6.1.7600.16539 and mine is 6.1.7600.16695 like i said it might be a kernel side problem. should we wait for an update or fix for this too bad)

    1. bowl of ram

      btw i might have the same specs with the others who suffer the way i do:

      core i3
      geforce 310m nvidia optimus

      maybe intel hd is the problem just like @Dwarakanath said/ kernel version

  16. monguru

    Thank you!
    The patch can be used, but unfortunately my sound card what uses 250 mb of title area is out of order under it!

    Creative SB X-Fi XtremeMusic

  17. vadar

    i have windows 7 ent installed at hp probook 4520s after finish the patch it is said sucesfull after restart nothing happened in alocated memory in the task manager

  18. Chris

    Hi everyone. Can someone explain me how to completely uninstall this patch? I have used instruction attached to patch, but it didn’t worked for me :( Now Win7 see only 2 GB of ram in my computer :/. I removed patched entry from boot tab in ms config but issue is still the same. Also in the bottom right corner of my desktop appeared info witch says: “Test mode, Windows 7 Compilation 7601″.

    1. Sevenfold

      Google up Deepwx!

      This guy created a PAE patch and a patch to get rid of any watermarks left on your desktop screen.

    2. Guest

      I had System Repair on start up after mine did not work. When I was wondering how to uninstall it, I went to System32 and the files were not there, the system repair maybe deleted them. That’s how it was uninstalled for me.

      1. Guest

        Forget what I said above. Windows 7 (PAE Patched) still appears in Windows boot manager. Anyone who can tell how to completely uninstall it?

  19. bowl of ram

    any patch/update for optimus powered laptops and sandybridge or later products is much appreciated

  20. triplexxx

    The patch works fine for me (Windows 7 Pro 32 bit). But when I am starting with the patched ntkrnl and winload, Windows is talking in Englisch to me (“Starting Windows”) and not in the language that is set in my BCD at the parameter “locale”. When I do not run the patched version, the language is all right like it is set in the parameter “locale”.

    Has anyone an idea why it does show all in English and not in the language set at the parameter “locale” in the BCD-file?

  21. gomi3

    On Windows XP, some drivers, especially video adapter drivers with onboard RAM, cannot run with the /3GB parameter because they require more address space than the 1 GB kernel address space permits.
    art. from msdn

  22. smiffy73

    can someone help

    step 5 says:

    5. bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Windows 7 (PAE Patched)”

    what do i put for {current}?


  23. Jenny

    After I used patch which was “successful” and rebooted, windows still saying 4gb(3gb useable)???? Bullshit?

  24. viltnieks

    I have a problem
    after the restart and start Windows 7 (PAE Patched). I have mesage “Your computer was unable to start” and starting startup repair.
    Startup repair is not corrected the problem.
    what am i doing wrong and what is the solution?

  25. Nox

    russian’s Staforce version works on Win7SP1 but is 7200 kernel instead 7201, however when using PaePatch i got the computer unable to start issue. I tried everything that don’t work, i have to blame the issue with ntkrnlpx.exe that patchpae created. Because when switch kernel with staforce boot it don’t work as well until i rename switch back to staforce’s kernel.

      1. Nox

        Here’s what i’ve discovered:

        The tutorial above missing one important point, which is to make and insert a valid test certificate signing to the patched kernel. Also the Winload.exe patch is totally pointless as it never modify the file to disable checks, that makes cert signing the only way to work.

        Staforce is also use this method, to make windows think its a test kernel for developer. For the makecert.exe and signtool.exe, you have to find it in Windows 7 SDK package > Tools section.

        This guide will teach you how to make and sign cert:

        Use Google translator as its german language, GL all and happy 32bit until 2020 or 2025

  26. Vinh Hien

    haizzzz i have successfully type all command . However when i restart to choose “Windows 7 PatchPAE ” my pc 8gb ( 3gb usable ) . So sad >,<

  27. Johnny B

    Works nicely on my win 7, 4 GB. Thanks man.
    But you should fix the following line in your readme.txt:

    bcdedit /set {bootmgr} timeout 2

    The minimum timeout is 3 seconds, so it should be:

    bcdedit /set {bootmgr} timeout 3

  28. LeetMiniWheat

    PatchPae2.exe -type kernel -o ntoskrnx.exe ntoskrnl.exe

    double checked and re-downloaded the patch, same results. Running Windows 8 Pro x86 fully updated, could there have been a recent kernel update? modify date on kernel says 3/6/2013

  29. Don Williams

    I ran the application and my cmd screen flashed and went away so quickly that I couldn’t read it. Will try line by line using the readme file and see what happens then.

    1. Don Williams

      Okay, I used it today. I typed in the commands line by line. It appears to have partially worked for me. I built my PC via components, and the Motherboard/Processor supports 32 GB RAM.
      Upon using this, I now have 24 GB RAM available, but I still have 8 GB RAM that are not usable. How would I got about correcting this?

  30. esuanzes

    I just want to share the solution I found recently:

    1. PAEPatch does not work on Windows 7 32 bits if the PC has an Intel HD Graphic controller for Windows 7 32 bits. No way. This is a fact.
    2. For their issues with Microsoft (it seems) they do want to “repair” this “bug”
    3. The solution is to change the Intel HD graffic controller for Windows 7 into an Intel HD graphic controller for XP. (You will not see the difference)
    4. The problem is that Windows 7 rejects the installation of this XP controller
    5. Then, it is necessary to patch this XP Intel HD controller to be accepted by Windows 7.

    In the following link you have this XP Intel HD contoller already patched to be installed in your Windows 7 PC by changing graphic controller in “devices manager”. You know: Update> browse in your machine>choose in a list..> use my disk…

    This is the link:!8UIhWByZ!CYKXVUnA08MwCc74MrGISg

    Then the process is:
    1 Have the PAEPatch and install
    2. Boot in Windows 32 without PAEPatch
    3.Have the XP Intel HD graphic cotroller patched
    4. Change the graphic controller
    5. Enjoy

  31. stritzi

    Hello esuanzes,

    just tried your described way of installing Intel HD driver, but my pc says “latest driver already installed” -> who to proceed?

  32. Graeme

    I have a Toshiba laptop L300, I got this PAE2 patch to work with my Intel Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset, by rolling back the current driver to the original driver date 6/5/2009 version, now I have 4096 installed, Resource monitor 3964MB System says (3.87GB useable). It’s working fine and I am sure the boot time if faster too.

  33. stritzi

    Finally got it working with XP drivers but I’m rolling back without this patch since there are too much issues with the old graphic drivers and ~500MB more RAM is not worth it….

  34. Luk

    I installed this two years ago in my windows starter system, and had only had driver issues (resolved at the time). But today August 15, 2014, provided several updates windows update; of which one is incompatible with PAE patch.
    After a few hours, I have the list of suspicious updates (all of them are windows security updates):


    Meanwhile, I will avoid installing security updates for windows on my system.
    In short, beware of windows security updates from KB2949927

  35. ProApp

    As Luk pointed out:

    I installed this two years ago in my windows starter system, and had only had driver issues (resolved at the time). But today August 15, 2014, provided several updates windows update; of which one is incompatible with PAE patch.
    After a few hours, I have the list of suspicious updates (all of them are windows security updates):


    Meanwhile, I will avoid installing security updates for windows on my system.
    In short, beware of windows security updates from KB2949927

    I can attest that uninstalling these updates, removing the current PAE patch, and re-patching works.

    Thank you Luk for doing all the leg work finding the update(s) that caused the issue!


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