PAE patch updated for Windows 8.1

This patch allows you to use more than 3/4GB of RAM on an x86 Windows system. Works on Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP0, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Instructions and source code included.

Download: (91669 downloads)

Before using this patch, make sure you have fully removed any other “RAM patches” you may have used. This patch does NOT enable test signing mode and does NOT add any watermarks.

Note: I do not offer any support for this. If this did not work for you, either:

  • You cannot follow instructions correctly, or
  • You cannot use more than 4GB of physical memory on 32-bit Windows due to hardware/software conflicts. See the comments on this page for more information.

57 thoughts on “PAE patch updated for Windows 8.1

  1. P Sv Rns Srikanth

    Thank you so much for this updated Patch for Windows 8.1. I am eagerly waiting for this. 100% works on Windows 8.1 (32-bits(X86)) all versions :)

  2. alex

    it wont boot after:

    @echo off
    TITLE …::: Win8 32-bit Unlocker Script :::… by: Wiwi-maX
    color 30
    echo Script use PatchPae v2.
    cd %Windir%\system32

    C:\PatchPae2\PatchPae2.exe -type kernel -o ntoskrnx.exe ntoskrnl.exe
    C:\PatchPae2\PatchPae2.exe -type loader -o winloadp.exe winload.exe
    bcdedit /copy {current} /d “Windows 8 (Unlocked)”
    bcdedit /set {current} kernel ntoskrnx.exe
    bcdedit /set {current} path \Windows\system32\winloadp.exe
    bcdedit /set {current} nointegritychecks 1
    bcdedit /default {current}
    bcdedit /set {bootmgr} timeout 2

    shutdown.exe -r -f -t 5 -c “RAM 2GB’s Limit Removed.”

  3. Andre

    Works great – thank you so much!

    After getting the new boot entry like {12345678-abcd-1234-abcd-123456789abc},
    you can copy your {…} to the associated commands in your personal “readme.txt”.
    For example:
    bcdedit /set {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} kernel ntoskrnx.exe
    bcdedit /set {12345678-abcd-1234-abcd-123456789abc} kernel ntoskrnx.exe
    Then work with copy&paste to insert 100% correct commands to your Command prompt window.

  4. slalalavka

    C:\Windows\System32>C:\WherePatchPaeIs\PatchPae2.exe -type kernel -o ntoskrnx.ex
    e ntoskrnl.exe
    Unsupported kernel version.

  5. Jackson

    I had the boot loop as well on 8.1. I just let it keep rebooting, eventually it worked after maybe 7 or 8 attempts. I made the mistake of having updates pending on the reboot. Thought that’s why it might have given problems. Seems fine now.

  6. DavidB

    Thank you very much.

    But disabling the integrity checks is a stability and security risk.
    Is there any way to patch the ntkrnlpa.exe/ntoskrnl.exe file so the digital signature would check out ok…?

    Best regards, DavidB

  7. PaVink

    Thank you so much, Wen Jia!
    Installation was simple and straightforward.

    I had dug up a similar patch (albeit way more complicated than this one!) under Win 7, and I hated going back to 3-something GB under Win 8 when I switched over. I am so happy being back at 4 GB now. Great job – thank you for your efforts and proving (once again) that all the Microsoft language about the 4GB limitation is just bullshit.

  8. Erik

    Hola, probé el script en 8.1, y todo se ejecutó perfecto, pero al reiniciar empezó a dar pantallazos -como de incompatibilidad de driver o resolución de video- y apareció la linda pantalla azul de volcado de memoria. Alguién sabe si hay alguna corrección que realizar antes?

  9. Sepp Meier

    d:\patchpae2\PatchPae2.exe -type kernel -o ntoskrnx.exe ntoskrnl.exe

    Sorry, at the first command I get “Unable to copy file: access denied” (Win 8.1 pro)
    Of course I started the cmd as administrator.
    Only the TrustedInstaller has the right to write.

  10. Sepp Meier

    The patch works :-)
    But not with an on-board graphic card! I see only pixels on my screen.

    It would be better for testing to change the wait time in the boot menu to 30 seconds to have enough time to select the normal boot if something goes wrong.

  11. Caleb

    I can patch but its not giving me the new boot code after I patch So I do not know what to use for: bcdedit /set {12345678-abcd-1234-abcd-123456789abc} kernel ntoskrnx.exe

    How would I get the new boot code if this one does not give on patch & or the winload.exe patch?
    Running windows 7 ultimate Sp1 on an AMD FX-8350 8 core 4.00 GHz with 8 gig ram 1TB HD.

  12. Shenzie

    Patch works great…with one small problem: When the PC starts, sound almost always has various patterns of static and/or hash. (Rarely, sound starts w/o this.) Resetting Windows Audi Service one or more times (not consistent) clears it—the hash pattern changes with every service reset. AudioSrv.dll is byte-for-byte identical to correct MS version.

    This is 8 GB on Win7 Home Premium—all other programs and functions work perfectly.

    Any advice on how to solve the audio problem?


  13. miken

    I’m seeing some folks talked about how they got stuck in a loop when they rebooted their machine after successfully installing the patch. I had the same problem. Never got it to work. I would get the blue screen with an error saying KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED. Eventually, I would get lucky and have a chance to choose to start the non patch windows. Anyone have luck resolving this?

  14. Terry

    It would seem that the patch can be affected by video drivers. It did not work using intel HD onboard graphics, neither did it work with a new Nvidia GEForce 610 card using the supplied video driver. It would work however using basic 640×480 VGA mode driver.

    I got the patch to work perfectly by installing an older 2 year old GEForce 610 driver from another computer running Windows 7 for which the patch worked perfectly.

    The recent update to Windows 8.1 (April 8) did not cause any problems.

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  16. PaVink

    Unfortunately, for me the patch stopped working after installing the 8.1 Update. :-)

    I had disabled/removed the patch before applying the 8.1 upgrade (just to be sure), then applied it again after the upgrade. When booting, I get a windows error (Windows 8-style blue screen) related to the video driver and the system freezes at that point.

    I then downloaded the latest video drivers (nVidia GeForce), but that that doesn’t make any difference.

    Too bad – I did like my 1 GB of extra memory! Anybody seeing same/similar issues …?

  17. Terry

    Hi PaVink, it may be worthwhile finding and installing older nvidia drivers, and see if the patch then works.
    The Nvidia website has some older drivers.

    If the patch works in safe mode, or when the Nvidia drivers are uninstalled and you use a standard VGA display, then it confirms a driver problem.

    If you go through the comments on the Windows 7 page, (wj32 gives a link at the top of this page), the common failure theme is video drivers.

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  19. devDark

    After applying this patch to the new kernel ntkrnlpa.exe version 6.1.7601.18247 (win7sp1_gdr.130828-1532) Windows 7 after booting with the modified kernel goes to pseudo cyclo rebooting, specifically continuously displays shutdowning.
    But this patch still works fine with the old kernel ntkrnlpa.exe version 6.1.7601.17514 (win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850) without any problems.

    Files are attached to this post.

      1. dimapvdevDark

        Yes, above are attached link to the older version of patched and successful worked kernel, but this kernel was used with the older Nvidia driver, so I believe that this problem isn’t in the kernel, this is more like a bugs in the latest GPU drivers such as Nvidia / Intel.

  20. Jeff

    hi, can you please confirm this still works with win8.1 UPDATE 1, it was going fine for me until 1 day I got a bsod, so I was wondering if it had to be updated to make sure nothing changed in UPDATE 1, I wonder if the kernel version changed?!

  21. Terry

    The patch works ok for me with Win8.1 + update 1 and “old” Nvidia drivers but if you have automatic updates set then your system may download and install updated video drivers which may be the cause of the problem.

    1. Jeff

      thanks for the update, I only use AMD, nothing Nvidia in my system, but possibly updates overrode the patched kernel

  22. Tpfumefx

    Does this patch work only for ms windows, or along with practical apps like 3dsmax photoshop etc… I mean can other applications other than windows make the use of more than 4gb Like computer graphics apps for exemple?

  23. Gabriel

    I have applied the patch on a Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, but I cannot find a “PAE compatible” nVidia driver (I have a Quadro FX 580). Lots of artifacts and after a while BSODs appear (when using modified kernel), related to graphics drivers. I have read some were lucky with older nVidia drivers…so I would like to know which driver versions are confirmed to work perfectly while in PAE-enabled kernel mode. Thank you very much in advance, GABRIEL.

  24. Terry

    You will probably need to go to the Nvidia website, driver downloads page, click on ‘Beta and Older Drivers’ put your Quadro FX 580 details into the boxes and click Search.

    They appear to have Beta drivers for your card going back as far as 2009.
    You could try these and see if the patch works.

    It will be very much trial and error.

    In my case I found the driver for the GE Force GT610, dated 2/10/2012 version which I already had for an older version of GT610, worked OK, whereas the newer version which came on the disk with a new video card was dated sometime in 2013 didn’t work.

  25. josrob21

    hola se ve interesante el programa pero nose como utilizarlo no habló inglesh y por eso no lo entiendo nose si puden hacer un videoguia porfavor para W7 y W8 lo se agradeceria porfavor mucho lo necesito urgente.

    in engles

    hello program looks interesting but nose how to use Inglesh not speak and so do not get nose if puden videoguide please make a W7 and W8 to know much appreciate please I need urgent.

  26. jacob

    I cant get past step 3, with typing the cmd code: C:\WherePatchPaeIs\PatchPae2.exe -type kernel -o ntoskrnx.exe ntoskrnl.exe. –It keeps saying “The system cannot find the path specified”. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Terry

      You don’t actually type ‘WherePatchPaeIs’, instead of that you type the directory where you put PatchPae2.exe.
      I assume that is why the system cannot find the path specified, but excuse me if I am wrong :)

      In my case I put it in C:\Windows\System32, but you could put it anywhere, as long as it isn’t in a place where it could get deleted, such as a temporary folder.

  27. PaVink

    I previously reported that after upgrading to Win 8.1, the patch stopped working for me (pc would not boot). I finally got around to seek and download some older video drivers (nVidia, release 331.82 from November 2013), and now all is fine again. Windows 8.1 + PatchPae2 working great.

    Again, thank you for making this available!

  28. PaVink

    If you don’t understand the instructions, you are probably not the right person to even attempt this… Better keep a good backup handy! :-)

  29. StGreg

    After recent update of Win7Sp1 this patch is no longer working. System cannot boot with old patched files due to “winloadp.exe is corrupted. Also, when i started OS with normal kernel & loader and tried to patch it again i get “Failed” when patching loader. ;/

    1. Giangi

      I had the same today after appling them… I have noticed that both ntkrnlpa.exe and winload.exe have been updated (mine are 6.1.7601.22736).
      The first was patched correctly but winload not; the PatchPae2 output is “Failed.”
      I think the offending one is (Availability of SHA-2 hashing algorithm) because it updates both files! I’ll remove it asap…

  30. Al

    Patch doesnt work with latest nvidia drivers, you get only reboot loop or bsod. Need old nvidia driver. However, this does not make sense, requiring older nvidia drivers unfit to W 8.1 Update 1
    Please update the patch!

  31. gcalzo

    MS has officially removed the KB294927!!!
    •V1.0 (October 14, 2014): Advisory published.
    •V2.0 (October 17, 2014): Removed Download Center links for Microsoft security update 2949927. Microsoft recommends that customers experiencing issues uninstall this update. Microsoft is investigating behavior associated with this update, and will update the advisory when more information becomes available.


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