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by djshkiper
08 Dec 2018 11:23
Forum: Bugs and Issues
Topic: Unable to install or update PH
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Re: Unable to install or update PH

3.0.1991 installed. Same problem. Version 3.0 has been updated for a long time (10-30 builds). Everything was ok. And starting with some kind of build, everything suddenly broke down and is still not fixed.
by djshkiper
21 Jan 2013 10:45
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Localisation
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Re: Localisation

Hello. How Comodo added in their KillSwitch (which based oh PH) multi-language support? Maybe this solution fit to PH? Argument: multi-language support attract new (non-english speaking) users of the program and will bring additional donations. How about trying? :) P.S. I am very want to see PH in R...
by djshkiper
12 Feb 2011 12:52
Forum: Completed
Topic: "Shoot to Kill" :P
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Re: "Shoot to Kill" :P

Add checkbox in plugin options - "Enable warnings for 'visual process kill'" or something like that. Or make it required warning. I think this feature is not used so often to prevent very disturbed.
by djshkiper
22 Jan 2011 20:40
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: Including usage of children
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Including usage of children

In PH there is an option - "Include CPU usage of children in collapsed processes". Please add another options. That is: Make a Group Box with notes in it. Call it "Include ... of children in collapsed processes". It notes: - CPU - Memory - I / O Total - Private bytes - Etc Or an easier way - replace...