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by dyingjedi
30 Dec 2016 18:48
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Topic: Plugins-Extra
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Re: Plugins-Extra

Hi5 dude very cool of you to make these. I like access to all the complied app here for latest dev build can you kindly compile this for 3.0.105 version of process hacker 2 for me? Thank you again HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hi5 all

Justin Cram
by dyingjedi
30 Dec 2016 15:01
Forum: Plugins
Topic: WindowExplorer
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Re: WindowExplorer

+1 thank you for what you've done. I'd really like if you could add windows placement recall when apps are open or closed is this possible? I keep my taskbar on the top of my screen W10Pro and windows will populate under the taskbar or when a process get called to front taskbar will be above every f...