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Setting process affinity another approach

15 Jul 2017, 12:58

While the use of 6 & 8 core processors increasily being used, I think it becomes more important to set the CPU affinity for single core applications. My idea is an rather different approach in setting the affinity. In most cases you have to set every process to the dedicated core(s). But would it not be simpler for the user, (guess not for the software designers) to make an dedicated core exclusive for this single core application, just by selecting that core only for this single core application. Now the rest of the processen can use all the cores, except the dedicated core.
So if an new process appears, like an virusscan, sheduled task or automatic update, it is blocked for that dedicated core only and does not affecting the dedicated core, and the single core application can run, without overflowing or stuttering.
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Re: Setting process affinity another approach

27 Jul 2017, 03:01

Some applications perform their own affinity configuration and just changing things automatically could have very unpredictable results... For example some games are multi-core optimized and others are single-core optimized and overriding the OS or the application and just changing its affinity settings would result in terrible performance.

You can already change process affinity and save those affinity settings using Process Hacker and you can use those options to configure your system how you like... doing it automatically is generally a very bad idea since it's second guessing the Operating System and individual user/program preferences.

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