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Services: Filter is not applied to Binary Path

07 Sep 2016, 11:53

Process Hacker v2.39.124
Windows 7 Pro x64

How to reproduce:
1. open services tab
2. press Ctrl-K to put focus into filter textbox
3. start typing "exe"
4. see the empty list of services

The same result is achieved even if "Binary Path" column is visible.

What is expected:
filter looks not only in service name but in binary path too. including program arguments.
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Re: Services: Filter is not applied to Binary Path

09 Sep 2016, 11:48

I'll try using a work-around that queries the information from the registry but it might cause performance issues when viewing the services tab.

EDIT: I've added this feature to the latest nightly build available on the below link... Please report any issues! :thumbup:
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Re: Services: Filter is not applied to Binary Path

09 Sep 2016, 16:01

I liked the new search option. I have at this point been running multiple copies of Far Manager of different test sets, and wanted to see one. I found quickly, even in settings and set the title to the console output window Far PID copy, but I do not remember all of PID, and a predetermined portion of the path and saw the right.

Thank you so much!


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