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Weird Windows 10 EFI kernel issue

25 Dec 2016, 13:53

How to reproduce:
0. On some computers it does not appear. But on those where it does, it can be reproduced consistently.
1. Install and run Process Hacker with the kernel-mode driver. As soon as the driver is unloaded, the bug disappears.
2. Do a lot of things to overload the system. CPU-bound overloading is best.
3. winlogon.exe will enter a peculiar wait state, and won't exit from that state until the kernel mode Process Hacker driver is unloaded.

While in that wait state, winlogon.exe will not respond to shutdown/reboot requests, nor to Ctrl-Alt-Del.

Sorry for not being able to point directly to which component of the driver does this, and I don't think crash dumps are of any use (since they only capture the user-mode side, which has no relevance to the manifestation of this bug)

System: Windows 10 Anniversary Update (on older ones the bug was not present), EFI, Intel Core i3-5005U CPU (on both laptops where I saw it happen). System is up-to-date as of this writing (25.12.2016 15:54 UTC+2)

Re: Weird Windows 10 EFI kernel issue

30 Jan 2017, 00:21

Yeah, I can confirm this. I get the same issue in Windows 10.

EFI installation of Windows 10, build 14393.693

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