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Processes not grouped anymore

22 Jun 2017, 13:36

After getting all excited yesterday that I could actually view accursed Chrome's actually eaten up RAM with this tool, I dont know what happened or what I did but after closing and opening again I can no longer see the grouped processes. Instead it shows like OOTB TM.

Nm, I answered my own question but I will leave it here in case anyone else needs it...all I had to do was hit the 'Reset' button in Options and all was good, but then the groups go away when I sort by Private bytes and there was friggin way to get it back (the nested tree look) except by reset.

So I am forced to drilling through the nested processes until I can finally manually find chrome, seeing that it eats 2GB, compared to FF 500MB and PM 400MB.

Otherwise a great tool, just needs to few tweaks to retain a stable look & feel

I now realized that by doing a search I could get to chrome and collapse the group

But would be nice to see the 'grouped' usage sorted.

Re: Processes not grouped anymore

24 Jun 2017, 04:23

It appears the tree/grouped view is disabled when you sort with a column and all you have to do is click the same column heading you sorted by a few times more and it will cycle back to Tree/Grouped view.

Haha, that's exactly what I wanted PH for; to combine all chrome threads memory usage.
You may already know but to help with this, in Options->Advanced, enable: 'include cpu and other usage of children' blah, then you can collapse a process with children/siblings and it totals some of the columns like working set etc.

.. and of course use the tray windows for memory, they are good for keeping an eye on things.

I love Process Hackaer, even just how you can kill multiple processes is handy!

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