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Not truly constant columns

Mon Jul 10, 2017 2:33 pm

Let's continue our bug-fix marathon ;)

:arrow:  Process Hacker 2.39 & 3.0.782

Main tree view contains several columns, that are not updated even by refresh button. And some of them are not truly constant. If you change Integrity of a process in Token tab it wouldn't be updated in the appropriate column of main window.

Actually, the same thing can happen with User name column, but in much more rare situations. When Sandboxie forces programs to run sandboxed, it changes token on the fly, so PH can show not correct information in that case. It may seems strange, especially without Sandboxie plugin. Oh, and also: where is this plugin in nightly builds plugin system? I just copied SbieSupport.dll from stable release and it works fine, but I couldn't see it in the list.


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