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FileBrowseExecutable not work with virtual devices

12 Jul 2017, 17:05

When i use FileBrowseExecutable over a file in ramdisk it launch
because it get name file from Image File Name
but it have problem with virtual device
instead if is possible i would to get filename from "Current Directory" and "Filename" to launch
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Re: FileBrowseExecutable not work with virtual devices

16 Aug 2017, 17:16

That ramdisk software (and most others) all seem to be based on Microsoft sample code that don't appear to be creating mountpoints for the device and the 'Image File Name' showing a \device\ string is related to that issue... Visual Studio also has some major issues with ramdisks (because the symbolic link issue) making debugging very slow and tedious.

I don't want to 'fix' this without knowing the exact cause since it might obfuscate symboliclink/mountpoint bugs... Also, Windows NT already caches programs in memory after startup and storing applications on ramdisks is unnecessary.
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Re: FileBrowseExecutable not work with virtual devices

16 Aug 2017, 19:50

I understand what you say but not in the "General" tab I see "image file name" and "command line".
You can not pass to FileBrowseExecutable "command line" content, without parameters, instead of "image file name"?

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