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Process Hacker 2 VS NT authority

07 May 2021 11:12

i'm wondering that how (process hacker 2) can kill any task even it have the (nt authority) privileges ... As i search i discovered that there are more privileges higher than Admin like (Trustedinstaller, system and nt authority)
So as i see that (process hacker 2) can kill any malware proccess, and have the ability to kill all task of antivirus, that no one can kill before i used (process hacker 2) , like taskmanger, taskkill, wmic, etc
So can any one here clearify how (process hacker 2), when i asked in some chats, they told me that (process hacker 2) have the kernel power or some thing like this (that i can't understand)
I even tried to open cmd or taskmanger as nt authority but i cant (stop/kill) the process, how ph2 have the power to do this ?