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Re: Removed terminator in v2.39?

21 Jun 2016 23:16

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Re: Removed terminator in v2.39?

22 Jun 2016 00:20

How about you read the SECOND POST in the SAME THREAD you're posting in before asking unnecessary questions, causing people to get unnecessary email notifications? Talk about "whingers!"
Jason Fossen

Re: Removed terminator in v2.39?

23 Jun 2016 14:53

When I give a public demo of Process Hacker at SANS conferences, the Terminator is a fun feature to show. It gets attention and helps raise awareness of the tool.

FYI, I also wrote a Process Hacker lab for a security training course attended by over 1000 people per year that included a step on using the Terminator. It's no big deal to edit the lab, but, again, attendees like playing with that feature.

I hope the Terminator will be added back as it was before, not as an optional plug-in.