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Run As This User Not Working Anymore

10 Mar 2017, 20:06

Recently reinstalled Windows 10 and Process Hacker 2 and have found the ability to right click > Miscellaneous > Run as this User option does not work anymore, instead when I click OK, I get greeted with the message "Unable to start the program: Access is denied.", I get the two notifications saying the temporary Process Hacker service is created and deleted but still get the Access is Denied message.

This happens regardless of the application or account I choose, be it SYSTEM, LOCAL SERVICE, NETWORK SERVICE, it even happens if I try and do this under my account. It also happens if I disable my antivirus, anyone got any ideas why it might be happening?
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Re: Run As This User Not Working Anymore

11 Mar 2017, 08:10

Login as admin and check again.

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