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EasyAnticheat sees Proccess Hacker as threat

16 May 2017, 01:24

Hello my dear fellas,
I really like Proccess Hacker and also I like to play games. So some games includes this poorly coded piece of anti-hacking software.
They are blocking stuff with black-lists like a retarded noob. No checks or anything. And If you have Proccess Hacker installed or even portable on your desktop game will not start. Most retarded thing this problem occurs while Proccess Hacker executable does not even running.
I can understand they might seen Proccess Hacker as threat because of it's amazing kernel-mode functions but this is a retarded way to protect games.
And yet games protected by easyanticheat is infested with 10 years old cheaters. Better block Proccess Hacker!?
So what can we about this? Tried to contact this company regarding this but no luck.

Their website:

Re: EasyAnticheat sees Proccess Hacker as threat

24 Sep 2017, 01:07

so what you have done is installed Process Hacker with Kernel access so turn that off and you should be good.

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