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Any time estimation for next stable version?

05 Jun 2017, 05:57

v2.39 was released on Mar 29, 2016.
Whet it's planned to release next stable version with the latest changes?
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Re: Any time estimation for next stable version?

09 Jun 2017, 02:20

There are still a few bugs blocking a 'stable' release :(

  • New setup.
  • New updater.
  • New build system.
  • Memory highlighting.
  • Token properties splitter.
  • New plugin manager.
  • Fixed module load counts.
  • Modules, Memory and Handles tab search support.
  • WindowExplorer
    • Added Windows tab to process properties window
  • OnlineChecks:
    • VirusTotal columns for the process, service and modules tabs.
  • NetworkTools:
    • Native Tracert and Whois protocol support.
    • New GeoIP support.
    • PE Viewer: search support and new symbol tab.

Some of these changes are major considering the change from 2.x branch to the 3.x branch. The nightlies get updated once a week and the more people reporting bugs will make the next version get released quicker :thumbup:

If you can use the nightly builds and report bugs it would be a big help. If you're using Windows 10 then I highly recommend using the nightly builds since the last stable release v2.39 hasn't been updated with Windows 10 support:

Re: Any time estimation for next stable version?

14 Sep 2017, 07:46

Any updates on the schedule?

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