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Modified ProcessHacker code

Posted: 30 Sep 2019 13:32
by keith_correa
I have modified the ProcessHacker code [part of the ProcessHacker.sln], using Visual Studio 2019, to accept and execute a new command line argument thus: -caction affinity -cvalue 1,2... <comma separated processor cores>

While this works perfectly for some processes, for others like "audiodg.exe" it does not.

Changing priorities via the command line for all processes [including "audiodg.exe"] using the unmodifed processhacker.exe + unmodified kprocesshacker.sys works fine.

I'm assuming that my modified ProcessHacker.exe not working has something to do with signing of my modified ProcessHacker.exe to match the digital signatures of the unmodified kprocesshacker.sys. Is this assumption correct?

Can someone please point me to steps to take to get this working with my modified ProcessHacker.exe + unmodified kprocesshacker.sys?