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Command line restart process

18 Dec 2016, 22:59

-c -ctype objecttype -cobject object -caction action -cvalue value

Enables command mode. The status of the operation is returned in the exit status of the process.

Possible values of objecttype:

"process". object is the process ID, and action can be "terminate", "suspend", "resume", "priority", "iopriority" or "pagepriority".
"service". object is the service name, and action can be "start", "continue", "pause", "stop" or "delete".
"thread". object is the thread ID, and action can be "terminate", "suspend" or "resume".


ProcessHacker.exe -c -ctype process -cobject 1424 -caction terminate
ProcessHacker.exe -c -ctype process -cobject 5896 -caction priority -cvalue high
ProcessHacker.exe -c -ctype service -cobject Winmgmt -caction pause

Is there an option to Restart a process from the command line? This is an option in the GUI.

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