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Allow window close command on multiple selection

14 Jan 2014 08:12

Hello ProcessHacker team,
first of all: thanks for this great tool! :)

If you open (process)->Context menu->Miscellaneous->Windows, you can select a single entry, right-click it and choose "Close" to close the window. If you select more than one item, the close command is greyed out. I would like that the close command gets enabled and mapped over the selection.

Background story:
  • it is past midnight and a tired scientist forgets to disable his bDevelopmentPlots flag before he starts a Matlab overnight analysis
  • the next morning the analysis is nearly finished and he does not want to lose the results, but Windows has switched to basic video and is crippling slow, because it has 1000+ plot windows open
  • the normal Windows user would click X and wait for the slow system to display the underneath window for about 4 hours, but the now not-so-tired scientist opens a good tool named Process Hacker and finds process->Miscellaneous->Windows
  • from here he can issue window close commands much faster, since he does not have to wait for the system to display the underneath window (and its close button). It only takes ~20min with single item context menu clicking, but it could only take 20secs to make the system come alive again, if (multiple windows selection)->context menu->Close would not be greyed out...