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The DotNetTools plugin adds two process property pages, .NET Performance and .NET Assemblies (only available on Windows Vista and above, and requires administrative privileges). It also performs symbol resolution when you view the stack trace for a thread in a .NET process.

The .NET Performance tab allows you to view .NET performance counters associated with the process, as well as the application domains created in the process.
.NET Performance.png
The .NET Assemblies tab shows you a list of the framework runtime versions loaded in the process, their AppDomains (for CLR v4 and above only) and the loaded assemblies. If you scroll right you can see both the IL path and the native image path, if available.
.NET Assemblies.png
When you double-click a thread to view its call stack, DotNetTools automatically resolves addresses to their corresponding method names (the format is "managed symbol <-- unmanaged symbol"):
.NET Stack Trace.png