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03 Jan 2014 09:39

Here's a little plugin I made. It changes main ProcessHacker window title to random gibberish, to prevent malware searching for window titles and killing PH.

v0.2 (19 Feb 2015)
• Updated crappy code..

v0.3 (22 May 2015)
• Now uses function hooking (I'm SORRY, but that's the only way I saw to change window class and I really wanted to do it) to change window title and class.
• Unicode!

v0.4 (24 May 2015)
• Added printable unicode ranges
• Fixed hook bugs

v0.5 (02 June 2015)
• Fixed window activation when second instance of PH is not allowed
• Fixed main window creation failure

Attachment below contains compiled DLLs for x86, x64 and also source code.

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