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Process Hacker 2.34

24 Apr 2015 11:29

Downloads: New and Improved:
  • * Proper Unicode support
    * CPU and GPU graphs are displayed in a grid now (thanks pavel_kv!)
    * Start Task Manager now elevates when necessary
    * Better names for memory regions in Memory tab (for PEBs, TEBs, thread stacks)
    * Added tooltip information for user-mode driver framework (UMDF) host processes
    * Added option to reduce row height (set ThinRows to 1 in settings.xml)
    * Added NetAdapters plugin: adds graphs for selected network adapters to the System Information window
    * Updated ExtendedTools plugin:
    - Added GPU graphs for all processes
    - Can now use the search box in the Disk tab
    - Improved kernel logger handling
  • * Fixed touch scrolling
    * Fixed EtwRegistration object names for 64-bit Windows 8.1
    * Fixed tray icons being clipped in high DPI environments
    * Fixed crash in memory editor
    * Fixed multi monitor window placement bug