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Process Hacker 2.36

29 Jun 2015 11:46

Downloads: Highlights:
  • * New rich pop-up UI when hovering the cursor over a tray icon, showing the most active processes
    * Completely new Memory tab for processes, with heap, stack and working set usage
    * Process Hacker now takes 32-bit dumps of 32-bit processes on 64-bit Windows
    - NOTE: When using the portable (.zip) release, the entire archive must be extracted
    * Updated DotNetTools plugin:
    - Process Hacker now displays managed stack traces for 32-bit .NET processes on 64-bit Windows
    - Fixed inaccurate stack traces when clicking Refresh
    - Added AppDomain column for threads in .NET programs
Other changes:
  • * Added customizable bytes per row setting for memory editor
    * Dramatically faster handle listing and search when running without administrative privileges
    * Improved accuracy and speed of symbol resolution, especially when new modules are loaded
    * Added trigger and delayed start information to service list
    * Added file information to service list tooltips
    * Balloon tips for process/service notifications are now clickable
    * Added handle names for unnamed File objects
    * Added I/O Priority to tray icon process menu
    * Added warning for users who attempt to start the 32-bit version on 64-bit Windows
    * Updated ExtendedServices plugin:
    - Added service protection and SID information
    - Added auto-elevation when saving recovery information, triggers and other service settings
    * Updated ExtendedTools plugin:
    - Added tray icon mini info window support
    - Improved automatic GPU node selection
    * Updated UserNotes plugin:
    - Added tray icon mini info window support
    * Fixed a bug in phsvc that caused hangs when automatically elevating actions
    * Fixed hang when viewing handle security for certain File objects
    * Fixed lack of information on startup when using slower refresh intervals
    * Fixed Read/Write Address crash
    * Fixed service non-polling mode on Windows 8 and above
    * Fixed file dialog crash in Windows PE environments
    * Fixed string scanning false positive case
    * Fixed process window detection for Modern UI apps
    * Fixed handle list selection bug when disabling "Hide unnamed handles"
This release has significant internal code changes. Please make sure all plugins are up-to-date.