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Process Hacker 2.37

02 Feb 2016 13:22

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  • * Updated for Windows 10
    * The "Include CPU (and other) usage of children in collapsed processes" option now aggregates memory and I/O statistics
    * Added regex search to "Find Handles or DLLs"
    * Added process exit codes to log
    * Fixed crash that occurred under some conditions when processes terminated
Other changes:
  • * Added warning when trying to search for handles when the system has too many handles open
    * Upgraded to PCRE2
    * Updated DotNetTools plugin:
    - Rewrite of .NET Performance statistics and AppDomain enumeration
    * Updated OnlineChecks plugin:
    - Fixed uploader
    * Updated NetAdapters plugin:
    - Added adapter details window
    * Updated ToolStatus plugin:
    - Added CPU, Memory and I/O graphs to the toolbar (not enabled by default)
    - Added toolbar and status bar customization, as well as a new theme
    - Added option to auto-hide the main menu
    * Updated UserNotes plugin:
    - Added individual process highlighting support