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Process Hacker 2.38

26 Feb 2016 10:55

Downloads: Highlights:
  • * Added labels to indicate the maximum data point in each I/O graph
    * Graph grids now scale correctly when resized
    * Improved high DPI scaling
    * Added exploit mitigation policy information to process properties (Windows 8 and above)
    * Added File modified time and File size columns for processes and modules
    * Added Key modified time column for services
    * Clicking a tray icon now shows the pop-up UI (useful for touch-enabled devices)
    * The NetAdapters plugin has been renamed to HardwareDevices
    - This plugin shows network adapter and disk drive graphs
    - If you are manually upgrading, please delete NetAdapters.dll from the plugins folder
    * Updated UserNotes plugin:
    - Added "Collapse by default" option for processes
Other changes:
  • * Added "Start when I log on" option
    * Added "Not responding" text to tray icon rich pop-up for programs that are hung
    * Added right-click menu and double-click action for environment variables
    * Added dialog box to show long command line strings
    * Added Time stamp column for processes
    * Added -sysinfo command line parameter for opening System Information at startup
    * Added 32x32 icons for high DPI displays
    * Digital signature verification is now performed with very low I/O priority
    * Improved performance when handling a large number of threads, modules or handles
    * The pop-up UI no longer displays when double-clicking the tray icon
    * Fixed ASLR state being shown as N/A in process properties
    * Fixed multi monitor window placement bug
    * Fixed handle enumeration bug affecting processes with PID >= 65536
    * Fixed Interrupts being missing from the max CPU usage history
    * Updated ToolStatus plugin:
    - Added 32x32 icons for high DPI displays
    - Fixed status bar crash
  • * This release has significant internal code changes. Please make sure all plugins are up-to-date.