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Process Hacker 2.39

29 Mar 2016 01:50

Downloads: Highlights:
  • * Improved compatibility with security and anti-cheat software
    * Added ability to edit process environment variables
    * Fixed .NET process detection
Other changes:
  • * Improved tooltip information for dllhost.exe
    * Removed Terminator
    * Updated DotNetTools plugin:
    - Fixed .NET assembly tab performance issues
    - Added extra .NET memory counters to the .NET performance tab
    - Added "Show sizes in bytes" checkbox to the .NET performance tab
    - Added right-click menu to the .NET assembly tab
    * Updated ExtendedTools plugin:
    - Fixed "No process" disk event bug
    * Updated HardwareDevices plugin:
    - Fixed incorrect drive letters
    - Fixed drive letter and panel clipping issue