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Process Hacker 2.18

11 Jul 2011 11:25

Downloads: New and Improved:
  • * Completely rewritten tree list control:
    - Process Name column is now fixed to the left
    - Tooltips for column headers
    - Improved performance
    - Bug fixes
    * Added more process tree list columns
    * Added Time stamp column to network list
    * Date/time display is now swapped (so time is shown before date)
    * Added W3 terminator test
    * Added DotNetTools plugin
    * Updated ExtendedServices plugin:
    - Disabled editing of required privileges for drivers
    * Updated ExtendedTools plugin:
    - Added ETW columns for processes and network connections
    * Updated OnlineChecks plugin:
    - Added Comodo Instant Malware Analysis
    * Updated WindowExplorer plugin:
    - Fixed hook bugs
  • * Fixed Run As This User
    * Verification Status sorting
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