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Add a "NOT" Operator to Filter (Hide) Processes

17 Dec 2018 02:10

Currently, the search filter can be used to hide all processes that don't match the search string.

I would like the inverse of this: Show all processes EXCEPT what I type in the search box.

The only workaround I currently have is to launch another task manager and type the names of the processes I want to see into the search box in PH... which looks like this:
I would much prefer using a search string that looked something like this:
It would be much less effort, as I wouldn't have to manually compare processes between two different task managers.

(I'm not saying the "-" character should necessarily be used as a NOT operator, but some symbol should - one that cannot be used in a filename. I was thinking it would be neat to use ≠ but the search bar doesn't support unicode,so typing ALT+8800 results in the wrong character being displayed. Therefore, I think ! would work well.

Thank you!

Re: Add a "NOT" Operator to Filter (Hide) Processes

23 Jul 2019 18:43

This would be nice, I'd second that!

Re: Add a "NOT" Operator to Filter (Hide) Processes

02 Dec 2019 20:04

How difficult would it be to add regex to the search bar? I would expect that would be slightly easier than creating your own syntax? I'm not a programmer so I honestly have absolutely no idea.
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Re: Add a "NOT" Operator to Filter (Hide) Processes

04 Dec 2019 08:56

Press Ctrl-K and use PCRE (Perl) regexp syntax in to search string. This features already built-in exits last some year.:)