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Run as Administrator upon Start when I log on

20 Oct 2019, 09:25

Hi Process Hacker support team
I have very recently downloaded and started to use Process Hacker, which is great and does just what I want.
However, is it possible to 'Run as Administrator' mode upon 'Start when I log on'? Currently, selecting 'Start when I log on', Process Hacker launches in normal user account mode, so I immediately need to close Process Hacker and re-launch in Run as Administrator mode, in order to more easily apply changes.
A minor point, but would certainly help me maintain a smoother workflow.
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Re: Run as Administrator upon Start when I log on

13 Nov 2019, 00:51

What you could try is to drill down to the 3 executables (*.exe) within the C:\Program Files\Process Hacker\ folder,
I.E. both ProcessHacker.exe files, one is in the x86 folder, and the peview.exe file and make them run for you
or all users as an Administrator:

> Right click each .exe file
> Select Properties
> Select the Compatibility tab
> Privilege Level
> Check 'Run this program as an administrator'
> Or do the same in 'Change settings for all users'

Hope this helps
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Re: Run as Administrator upon Start when I log on

03 Dec 2019, 16:15

What Ghostwalker proposes will start PH as admin, but only when you manually start it (directly with the EXE or through a link).

If you want to start PH as admin on login then you must do it with Task Scheduler.

Open Task Scheduler then create a Create a Task on the right. Here you configure your task in different tabs

* General: Here you wan to set a Name for the task and in the bottom check "Run with highest privileges"
* Triggers: Press "New" and choose "At logon" of Any user
* Actions: Here press Browse the search for the PH exe (c:\Program Files\Process Hacker 2\Process Hacker.exe). If you want it to run minimized, the type "-hide" on the "Add arguments" texbox

And that's it. Press OK and you should see it in the Task Scheduler Library. From here you can right click on it and press Run in order to test it. If everything is correct next login PH should start automatically as Admin