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trying to delete a string

11 Apr 2020 23:30

Hi so I have a string called kc[8 on my computer
this string is regularly associated to a cracked version of vape (minecraft hacked client) or a external auto-clicker still associated to vape.
Even though I have never downloaded the program I found this string and the string itself is enough to get me baned from any Player vs. Player server that preforms Screen shares
I have been trying to figure out how to delete this string
I tried using the write feature
any suggestions?
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Re: trying to delete a string

01 Jul 2020 01:56

Try using a cache cleaner, such as advanced systemcare. If that doesn't work, decipher the program and try it fully, and if that doesn't work too, reinstall your java,And this string is not directly associated with an autoclicker or a cracked vape, it can be randomly generated in the program