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Wine: PH crash when invoke 'run as' dialog

08 May 2020 16:07

I recently noticed that Process Hacker crashes when I run it under wine (Windows Emulator for linux) AND open
Hacker/Run as dialog.
In detail:
The crash occurs because wine haven't implemented some of the API's wants to use.
So in first place it's wine to blame for the crash. It seem that the handler that fills 'User Name' combobox triggers it.
However it would be nice if some of the dev's could look at this and put some better error handler on this.
You know put some of these 'neat' Try-catch block arounds it to at least catch the error and avoid a crash of PH.

Next maybe use some alternative source to gatter that information, like for ex the registry OR put some heuristic error handler there like for the combobox fill it at least with some know hardcoded values that are for sure there on each system. Like user System, Local Service, Administrator ...