Process Hacker and Windows discussion

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Windows 10 Wont shutdown

16 Jun 2020 08:13

I've been using process hacker for awhile now and its an excellent tool but it causes windows 10 to delay shutdown, i know that i could've just hold the power button or switch off the power but i prefer shutting down my pc in a proper way.Is there a way to fix this ?
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Re: Windows 10 Wont shutdown

25 Jun 2020 03:04

it causes windows 10 to delay shutdown
If one program blocks shutdown, then all programs block shutdown: ... /?p=103671

Process Hacker is the last application to be shutdown by design since its a Task Manager application and required to shutdown last.

Process Hacker literally does nothing before/during shutdown and you will only see Process Hacker listed on the shutdown blocking page because something else is blocking shutdown and since Process Hacker is the last application it'll also be shown on the dialog per the above blog post.