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after using process hacker2 when done with your pc you go shutdown pc in task bar and press shutdown button not working

13 Jul 2021 09:09

after using process hacker 2 on gaming pc and then go press in to log out or lock pc or task manger but does not come up or does not work and other think when done
with gaming pc after using process go to task bar go start go power off by shutdown button or restart pc or sleep pc does not work gaming pc stuck on and you have power off by holding button on gaming pc and power off pc and then power back on by button then let gaming pc load and wait four gaming pc come back on and make sure you do not touch process hacker 2 program and then power it off by task bar start shutdown button and then gaming pc shut down right way and safe way . so something in process hacker 2 program like safe lock is stopping my gaming pc turn off/ task bar shutdown button after use. i allow process hacker pass my windows fire wall by allow app pass my fire wall and pass my virus protection fire wall so not that. please if can fix is issues or it could been bug.