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AppCertDLLs does not work in GUI apps, why?

29 Jul 2021 08:19

Hi, I was trying to automatically inject a dll to every process (including GUI) whenever it is started by a user . My DLL hooks DoDragDrop method of winapi and communicates with server to decide allow or disallow the drag & drop process. I use easyhook (particularly ( ... ehook.html) tutorial) for hooking part. I created a gist for my code : ( ... 0050c5c188)

In ( ... tence.html)url it says: Doesn’t work reliably against GUI applications. Stick to console apps. No wonder it didn't work in microsoft edge, and chrome.
I also tried code parts in these urls:
Finally , I already ( dll.

Is there any other way apart from appcertdlls? Thank you in advance.

Edit: I can't use appinitdlls, some users might have secure boot enabled.

Edit2: Seems like dlls in some tutorials is under system32 (( ... d-by-virus), and ( , and I moved ( under system32 too, but it did not