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Killswitch RC1

02 Feb 2011 19:16

Comodo is beta testing a new product based on Process Hacker called KillSwitch included with their Comodo Cleaning Essentials beta.

A new RC2 has been released, see here

What is Comodo Cleaning Essentials?

Simple. CCE is a set of tools we created for cleaning the infected computers. The main application, CCE, is a powerful virus, spyware, rookit scanner and cleaner. It has many advanced scanning and cleaning techniques that are not present in CIS yet. And then we have a powerful tool called Killswitch, which is purely for experts to diagnose *EVERYTHING* in a computer. Give it a try!

CCE features:
* Portable: No installation is necessary!
* DACS, Distributed and Collaborative Scanning, ... s-to-dacs/
* Rootkit and hidden file/key scanner
* Aggressive file removing capabilities
* KillSwitch, advanced system activity monitoring tool

Whats new in CCE 1.4.177889.49?

NEW! Option for unhooking possible kernel hooks before cleaning
NEW! Option for checking for suspicious MBR entries in full scan
NEW! Option for creating a windows restore point before performing the scan
FIXED! Memory leaks in registry scanner
FIXED! Replacing the task manager does not work
FIXED! CCE driver does not disappear when the the program is closed/system is
FIXED! Hidden registry key FP under certain circumstance
FIXED! Hidden directory FP for avast sandbox storage folder
FIXED! Memory leak during CCE scan

This is a private BETA and must not be used for any other purpose than testing. It can contain serious bugs and must be used only by community members.
Bug Reports: ... 866.0.html

Download Locations: ... ...