AdSense on Process Hacker’s website

Today I finally enabled AdSense on with the following (somewhat aggressive) layout:

Home page:


Downloads page:


Mini FAQ

Why ads? (1) I want to get some money, and (2) Curiosity. This change should not affect loyal users of Process Hacker at all, because most people come to the website to see what Process Hacker is about and download it – that’s pretty much it. Our average pages/visit is around 1.71.

Are ads going to show up on the forums? Probably not.

What about those “Fix EXE and DLL and registry error” ads? Yes, this is somewhat ironic.

When is the next version of Process Hacker going to be released? Very soon.

Thanks for reading. If you have any strong opinions about this, please post a comment here.


  1. No problem mate.. i Dont mind you making a few bucks with those ads…
    especially since Process Hacker is an awesome tool and Open Source… 🙂

    And as u said it not such an issue, most vist the site download and leave.. Maybe read the release notes a bit…

  2. Here’s hoping it brings in some dough. I’ve tweeted a number of times as new releases have came out a) Go get the new version and b) Don’t be cheap a$$es and donate like I did. Bugs me to no end people that see a donate button (which means you accept donations – some projects don’t) and don’t donate. What’s even $5.00 bucks for the functionality you get? Cheap a$$es.

  3. I was looking at the downloads of Process Hacker on sourceforge. That
    peaked in early 2012. What do you think the reasons are behind the recent downwards trend?

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