Asus UX31E – setting up the Elantech touchpad driver for Windows 8

I recently upgraded my Asus Zenbook UX31E laptop to Windows 8. Here I’ll show you what I did to update my Elantech drivers to get gestures (swipe from left, top, right, bottom) working. As a bonus, I’ll also show you how to get three finger tap = middle click so you can open new browser tabs easily.

  1. Download the latest Elantech driver for Windows 8 from here: The file name should look like this: Touchpad_Elanteh_Pega_Win7_Win8_….
  2. Install the driver and reboot.
  3. Try out the gestures and test scrolling. If you’re happy with the driver, stop reading here.
  4. Download Process Hacker and run it with administrator privileges.
  5. Press Ctrl+F and search for “elantech”. You should get some results that have Type = Key and Name = HKU\S-1-5-21-<many digits>\Software\Elantech\….
  6. Double-click on one of the results and click Properties. The registry editor should pop up at that registry key.
  7. On the left, make sure you’re at SmartPad: Elantech Registry
  8. To disable annoying behavior where the touchpad freezes up when you’re typing: set the values of DisableWhenType_DelayTime_Gesture, DisableWhenType_DelayTime_Move, DisableWhenType_DelayTime_Tap all to 0.
  9. To disable scrolling inertia: set EGS_InertialScroll_Enable and SC_InertialScroll_Enable both to 0. (I can’t remember which one it is, so you might as well set both.)
  10. To enable three finger tap = middle click: set Tap_Three_Finger to 2 (left click = 0, right click = 1, middle click = 2) and set Tap_Three_Finger_Enable to 1.
  11. Reboot.

Please post a comment if you have any questions.


  1. Hi,

    I’m playing FarCry 3 on my new laptop, but when i try to aim and shoot at the same time by holding the right button and clicking the left button nothing happens. I’m presuming this is because the touchpad interprets this action as a middle click – any ideas on how to change the settings to allow a left click to be registered when the right click is held?

    I’ll usually be using a wireless mouse when playing, but for when in a crampt location (train/plain) having the option of using the touchpad would be useful.

    Many Thanks.

      1. Hi, yes you’re right I’ve just purchased a XMG laptop; as I have the same registry settings as you mentioned above I thought i was worth asking anyway.

        Btw, I’ve found the latest version of the Elantech drivers now have an option for disabling the touchpad freezing, you can find them here:

        Will let you know if I find an answer to the dual button issue.

        1. Thanks for the link. I think some vendors choose to hide certain settings in the Elantech config software – you might be able to show them by editing the values in “SmartPadDisplay”.

  2. is there a way to disable auto-scroll-continuing when scrolling with two fingers?
    I don’t want that after scrolling with two fingers it continues to scroll and slowly stop. I want that stops immediately after I move my two fingers away from touchpad.

    The problem is that after i scroll with two fingers I often press CTRL key and the browser detects this as CTRL+ScrollUp (= Zoom In). I don’t want that, it’s getting very annoying.

  3. I never comment on these things. Thank you so much for this though! I have sausage fingers and could not find a way to disable tap once I upgraded my asus a53u to windows 8. The drivers are the same as the ux31 apparently so I followed your directions, set the value of Tap_Enable to zero and voila! Thank you!

  4. I just wanted to say that you’re a BEAUTIFUL PERSON! Thank you for posting this workaround! I was able to make a 2-finger tap a middle click again! This is a HUGE deal for me!

  5. If that doesn’t work or looking for a simple solution — press your green fn (function) key + f8
    if you want it back do the same thing
    on/off switch in layman’s terms

  6. Thanks!
    Do you know how to disable right swipe only to stop the annoying charm bar in W8.1?

    In the Elantech UI you can enable/disable the three swipe sides but not each of them separately…
    I tried to disable de charm bar in PC settings and Windows registry but it is always showing so I think the only way to disable it is by removing the pad behavior.

    My laptop is the MSI ge60 2PE.

    1. Go the the registry as shown in the tutorial.
      Find “Win8EdgeSwipeRight_Enable” and set it to 0.

      However, I recomend changing ..Win8EdgeSwipeRight_Triger_Angle, Win8EdgeSwipeRight_Triger_Radius to something like 5. It changes the area where you can perform swype gesture and in my opinion it’s less anoying.

  7. Hi, do you know if it’s possible to set mouse to snap into charms? I know that some dell laptops can do that.

    I mean, when I do the gesture, and my cursor jumps to middle charm.
    Or do you understand what lines of Win8EdgeSwype_XYZ in registry do? I think I can fiddle with them somehow…

    In hkey current user\software\elantech\smartpad\display inside regedit (see above) got to TouchPadRejection_Display. Set value to 1 and go into ELAN settings again and into additional. There is a new option so set it off and you are all set

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