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Allows you to do various things with your files that most tools can’t do.

FiIn, by wj32.
fiin action [-C] [-f] [-L length] [-N] [-o filename] [-p pattern] [filename]
        action      The action to be performed.
        -C          Specifies that file names are case-sensitive.
        -f          Forces the action to succeed by overwriting files.
        -L length   Specifies the length for an operation.
        -N          Specifies that file names are in native format.
        -o filename Specifies the output file name, or the command line.
        -p pattern  A search pattern for listings.

Actions: copy, del, dir, execute, hash, map, mkdir, rename, streams, touch

Example – deleting a file with a very long name



Example – viewing streams

C:\Users\...\Downloads>fiin streams lzma920.tar.bz2
    534,077     536,576 ::$DATA
         26          32 :Zone.Identifier:$DATA

Download: fiin.zip (2188 downloads)


When you use Microsoft’s LIB tool to create exports for a system DLL like ntdll.dll, it sets every import entry to IMPORT_OBJECT_ORDINAL, which is bad. fixlib fixes this by changing the entries back to IMPORT_OBJECT_NAME_UNDECORATE.

Download: fixlib.exe (1559 downloads)


This is a C# library for getting imports and delay imports from portable executable files (EXE, DLL). A small example is included.

Download: PETools.zip (2062 downloads)


This tool is included with Process Hacker. It shows you some basic information about EXE, DLL and LIB files:


Download Process Hacker


  1. Wait are you just one guy doing programs like process hacker cause process hacker is awesome and I always thought it would be team of people

  2. Hi! I use EmptyStandbyList (works perfectly) in a batch file. Please, I would like to ask if besides EmptyStandbyList, I need other cmd command in order to clean my RAM. Thanks!

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