Process Hacker

Process Hacker is an open source process viewer. It is similar to Process Explorer, but has many more features for debugging and monitoring. Additionally, it can terminate processes that other tools cannot.

Latest development build (3.0.105) – download at your own risk:
All executable files are signed.

Home page:

Please visit the forums if you have any questions about this software.


  1. Please add edit time or atleat ph version number, so that people don’t download the same file again & again.

    Atleast Edit Time or Latest Dev Ph Version Number on this web page.

  2. disabled ?

    If yes then why ?

    I can’t see code on as i previously did.


  3. i use windows xp sp3
    i am trying to find network tray icon for many hours but didn’t find any thing
    i use Process Hacker 2.35 (r5898)
    but also in system information is not disk gpu and network graph!
    also in hacker menu there is no “Show details for all processes”!

    in my tray icon menu is only
    1-cpu history 2-cpu usage 3-I/O history 4-Commit history 5-Physical memory history

    what should i do?

  4. Finally got the link to work. TY very much. I have also been running it for quiet a while and it works perfectly. Good work!

  5. Software Developers Dream!!! Literally could not have survived the last few years without this application… it’s a blinkin masterpiece. Thank you!

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