WJ’s Backup

WJ’s Backup is an incremental backup program for Windows (Vista and later versions), 32-bit and 64-bit.


  • NEW! GUI for exploring revisions, searching for files, and restoring files
  • Mandatory compression with 7-Zip
  • Full file/directory history (SVN-like revisions, but no file content diff)
  • Restores files and directories from any given revision
  • Can trim (delete) old revisions
  • Volume Shadow Copy support (allows backup of locked files)
  • Transaction support

Latest binaries: Backup-1.8-bin.zip (15313 downloads)
Code: https://github.com/wj32/Backup

Please post a comment or email me if you have any questions about this software.


  1. Nice! All the good features. Mandatory compression, transactions, shadow copy, incremental, cleanup of old revisions. Hope it develops into an awesome program. File content diff will be more awesome in the future.

  2. I don’t get it
    I make config INI file but it spits database error which was never provided
    nor made example how to create one manually

    so this tool is useless

    1. Would be nice to use zpaq instead of 7zip. Its much better at deduping and compression can be crazy good. Also would be nice to have an option to set what 7z settings are used.

      Dixie, you have to make sure the directory is there where you’re backing up to. I was doing it to d:\backups but forgot to create the dir and got the db error

      bkc –help config

  3. First, thanks for this great little piece of software – very helpful, Wen Jia.
    But I have a problem with the option “Strict”. My [Destination] section in the config looks like this:
    Directory=G:\Sicherung NAS

    But I’m getting this error:
    Compressing: 99.40%
    ** Warning ** Unable to open D:\Programmierung\NAS\Diverse Echtdaten\UTA\G6790520_nas.db3: 0xc0000034
    ** ERROR ** Aborting because Strict is enabled.
    ** ERROR ** Unable to update package G:\Sicherung NAS\0000000000000001.7z: 0x80004005
    == Error: 0xc0000001
    Der Vorgang konnte nicht durchgeführt werden.

    Any clue how to overcome that?

  4. when i download ur application and open it up nothing happenes just the program will post for about half a second and disapear please help me

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